Meet Sienna

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What is your name? 

 Sienna Johnson

What is your job title? 

 Sterilization Technician & Administrative Assistant

How long have you worked at Mashouf Orthodontics? 

 Almost 2 years

How long have you lived in San Jose? 

 About 10 years

What is your favorite cuisine/food? 

 Mexican food!

If you had a dream job (or could start your own dream business), what would it be? 

 Anything that allows me to get creative and hands-on

What’s your favorite thing to do on weekends? 

 Bonfires at the beach with family & friends

What other languages do you know?

 No, I wish!

What are you passionate about? 

 I love music

What do you like on your pizza? 

 Every kind of meat!

What’s the 1 piece of advice you would give others about life? 

 Live life with no regrets

What is your dream car?

 A Jeep

What’s the 1 dish you absolutely, positively will never, ever eat?


Which sports team(s) do you root for?

 The Warriors!

Do you cook? What’s your favorite recipe?

 Yes. Shepherd’s pie.

Which superhuman power do you wish you had? 


What are you currently watching on Netflix?

 The Office… for the second time through

If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go?


Which way does your toilet paper hang on the wall – over or under?

 Over (of course)

Shannon Hayashibara