Damon Braces

At Mashouf Orthodontics, we’re committed to excellence, from offering excellent care to creating excellent smiles for every one of our patients.  That’s why we offer only the best in orthodontic treatment while utilizing the most advanced orthodontic technology.  Damon braces are at the peak of treatment excelling, and is just one of the treatment options that we offer to patients in San Jose and the surrounding areas.


What makes the Damon System different?


The Damon braces system is designed to take traditional braces and improve them for superior effectiveness and patient comfort. Some advantages of the Damon System include:


  • More Comfortable - Damon braces are "self-ligating," meaning they don't need to be tightened with elastic ties like traditional braces. This makes them more gentle and comfortable for teeth and the surrounding tissues.


  • Shorter Treatment - The memory-shape wires of the Damon braces move teeth quickly, and require fewer adjustments than other braces. This translates into shorter total treatment times, meaning fewer appointments at the orthodontic office, and a more beautiful smile sooner.

  • A Better Smile - A clinically proven treatment approach aligns teeth and enhances facial aesthetics - usually without extractions or palatal expanders. Treatment takes into account a patient’s facial profile, creating a smile that will keep them looking radiant even as they get older.  

Are Damon Braces For Me? 

Damon braces are available to patients of all ages, but their use is especially advantageous for teenagers and adults for which early treatment is not an option. We offer the two most technologically advanced forms of Damon braces -Damon Q and Damon Clear - to cater to our patients needs. You can find more information about these options below, so just find the one that fits you best, and contact Mashouf Orthodontics to get started! 

Damon Q Braces

Damon Q is the standard form of Damon braces, made of stainless steel with smooth, rounded contours for maximum patient comfort. With a self-ligation technique that uses lighter wiring and a unique slide mechanism, they reduce the amount of friction in the braces, allowing teeth to move faster than with traditional braces.  


Another advantage of the Damon Q system is the ease of oral hygiene, with a design that’s easier to keep clean when you’re brushing or flossing. With better oral hygiene while wearing braces, patients are at a lower risk of tooth decay from trapped food particles and plaque. This contributes to greater overall health during and after treatment, giving anyone a reason to smile. 


Damon Clear Braces

Damon Clear is designed for those who are looking for a more subtle solution to straightening your teeth, with the Damon advantage. They are the most esthetic clear braces available in orthodontics today! Damon clear braces are made from a Polycrystalline alumina (PCA) material, that is not only durable, but completely resistant to staining, so you can enjoy that delicious cup of coffee, tea, or any other food and drink that you prefer. The self-ligating system not only decreases treatment time, but also eliminates the need to use elastics, which was a downfall to traditional clear braces, since they were subject to staining.

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If you want a perfect smile, there’s no better type of braces out there than Damon braces. If you want to get started with Damon braces, or have any questions about your options for treatment, feel free to contact us, and our team will be more than happy to help you. We look forward to giving you the radiant smile that you dream about!