Oral Hygiene


Patient Motivation and Prize ProgramBoy_Braces_2.jpg

Brushing teeth that have braces takes longer than just the plain teeth. Food is easily trapped around the edges of braces and becomes acidic if left there for several hours. Acid softens “demineralizes” the enamel of teeth and leaves white or brown lines on the teeth. The soft or demineralized enamel can progress further into cavities. It is, therefore, critical for patients to brush and floss regularly while going through their orthodontic treatment.

Our staff is trained to monitor the oral hygiene of patients at every appointment and give them the proper instructions and feedback. To further motivate the patients and reinforce their efforts, good brushing is rewarded with points that can be accumulated and exchanged for prizes. We have noticed dramatic improvement in the patients brushing and flossing through this positive reinforcement program.

Obviously, this program does not replace the need for the professional dental cleaning and check-up which is done by the general dentist.